Tax Deduction Check List

  • If your correspondence details changed, please update with us your Name of taxpayer, Address and Contact number.

blue arrow icon 50x50Income Records

  • PAYG payment summaries (Group Certificates).
  • Allowances, benefits, earnings, directors fees etc.
  • Employer lump sum or termination benefits Including ETP Payment Summaries.
  • Pensions or Government allowances/payments Payment Summary.
  • Capital Gains Tax Statement: details of assets sold during the year e.g. shares, properties, including purchase, sale information and dates. For properties, we will also need agent’s commission, legal fees, stamp duty and any repair/renovation costs that may have been spent over the life of the property but not claimed at that time.
  • Investment statements and these include dividend slips, interest notification (including bank interest), trust distributions, partnership distributions.
  • Rental income details and these Include address of property, purchase date, date first rented and weeks the property
was rented (or available to rent).
  • Employee share scheme statements.
  • Net business income as a sole trader.
  • Foreign source income and these include details of any foreign tax paid.

blue arrow icon 50x50Expense Records Work Related Expenditure

  • Motor vehicle – There are different ways of claiming for motor vehicle expenses. Most people make a claim based on a cents per km traveled for work related purposes, others claim a percentage (based on a 12 week logbook) of all of their expenses incurred during
the whole financial year.
  • Depreciable assets bought, e.g. laptop, iPad, tools.
    Work related self-education – student union fees, books, stationary, consumables, travel and depreciation.
  • Work related uniform, occupation specific or protective clothing, laundry and dry cleaning expenses.
  • Professional memberships / Subscriptions – Publications that relate to your income producing activities.

blue arrow icon 50x50Investment property expenses.

  • A Tax Depreciation Schedule. Depreciation can be a huge deduction.

blue arrow icon 50x50Speak to us about having one prepared for you if you don’t already have one.

  • Interest payment statements.
  • Property Manager Annual Statements.
  • Don’t forget: Council rates, water charges, body corporate fees, bank fees, repairs, pest control, cleaning, advertising, gardening/lawn mowing, legal costs for evictions, insurance premiums paid, land tax, and anything else you may have expended in running your rental property.

blue arrow icon 50x50Additional Information

  • Personal superannuation contributions
  • Private health insurance tax statement.
  • Number of dependents.
  • Net medical expenses (for you, your spouse or your family) if have medical expenses relating to disability aids, attendant care and age care.
  • Donations.
  • Medicare levy. exemption.
  • Income protection insurance premiums.

Individual Tax Return Checklist: